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I spent many years trapped in the self-made prison of addiction. I owe my sobriety to God and the amazing people He placed in my life. When I finally surrendered to God He directed my path to Hannah’s House.

Hannah’s is a 100% free program of the Warren Family Mission for women who struggle with addiction, alcoholism, abuse, co-dependency and other life struggles. Hannah’s House is 1 year faith based program. They provided so much for the women who walk through the door but most importantly they provide God’s love and acceptance. The women who work there truly understand the struggles because they’ve been there. Walking through those doors and completing the program may have been the hardest decision of my life but I can honestly say it was the best decision I had ever made.


I no longer live in depression, anxiety, and addiction; instead I live in God’s acceptance, peace, love and joy. If you are stuck in the endless cycle of addiction or have a loved one there I highly recommend Hannah’s House because you are worth it!

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